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This Whole Tyrone Mings Situation…

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Reading FC are a club that rarely make national sporting headlines, but for rather unfortunate circumstances in the case of Tyrone Mings and Nelson Oliveira, that has been exactly what has happened this week.

Ever since the Aston Villa defender stamped on the Portuguese forwards head in the match against Villa last Saturday, there has been much debate and spotlight brought to the situation. The incident has left the Norwich loanee with a broken nose and some severe cuts on his face (I doubt his partner will be happy). Thankfully the striker had successful surgery and is on the mend, although a return date is unknown at this present time.

The question on everyone’s lips is: did Mings mean to stamp on his face? It would be bad to suggest that is exactly what the Bournemouth loanee did, but he does have previous. It was the same player who when playing for Bournemouth in the Premier League, “accidentally” stamped on the head of one Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Old Trafford. That situation came with more debate and spotlight than this, mainly because it was Zlatan, but nevertheless, the fact the same player has been involved in a similar incident before does raise suspicions.

Another talking point revolving around this matter is the fact it seems that Mings will escape any sort of ban. As the referee saw the incident but did nothing about it means that the FA are not allowed to investigate the incident further, as the referee has supposedly dealt with the incident. A rule that has come into question a lot since last Saturday, but that argument is another article in itself.

It’s a really hard one to call, as only Tyrone Mings will know in himself whether he meant to genuinely stamp on Nelson Oliveira’s head. This makes it hard for the FA to deal with and of course the referee. The debate will continue I’m sure.

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  • Annoyed says:

    Jesus christ will you shut up and sod off, the incident has been dealt with, go and get yourself a life and worry about not getting relegated.

  • Daniel says:

    Clearly a Villa fan above. The only ones aside from Bournemouth who protest his innocence. You only have to watch both incidents to see he’s doing it intentionally. Ask yourself this question. How many times in the past can you remember a players head being stamped on? The answer for me is twice. Both were committed by the same guy. It’s no accident. I hope Oliveira contacts the police in relation to it, as the FA are too cowardice to intervene. Forgoing that, I hope someone gives him a taste of his own medicine.

  • Annoyed says:

    @Daniel OK snowflake, let’s point some things out, the police won’t waste their time for this, you say he did it delibarte and cause a big fuss and kick and scream and cry but have no proof, Mings has been cleared of any charges and your attacks on Mings equal libel at the least so I’d be careful for legal action for you and the rest of the snowflakes.

    Also Daniel and co, your thoughts on this snippet at 0:55 in

    • Loyal Royal says:

      Fully agree, remember seeing it, absolutely discusting behaviour. But didn’t he get a red card, I think that meant he got punished for his actions. The same can’t be said for Mings. There has to be equality, young impressionable kids will see that and think they can do the same. Anybody and I mean anybody who loves the game wants thus stamped out. Elbowing, biting, punching, stamping needs to be punished either during the game or retrospectively. The FA must take so much blame for this and so should Aston Villa’ s manager and fans for condoning and supporting

  • Wokingham Royal says:

    Annoyed – having watched the video you post – you’re not seriously suggesting that is the same level ?! Reading say they have a still that shows kings looking downwards at Olivera’s head – surely that’s worth a look, even if it is later discounted.

    The answer really is that the FA should reconsider their policy. They can’t change for this particular incident, but there seems no logical reason to not have retrospective action. The existence of VAR for some matches indicates an acceptance that sometimes referees make errors.

    I am absolutely no snowflake and have no time for people whinging about nonsense – but this guys nose was broken in 4 places !

    As has been said before – if it was Harry Kane or in an international match…..

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