Date: 16th September 2014 at 4:16pm
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As we look forward to tonight’s game with Millwall, we caught up with a Millwall fan for a quick chat

As we look forward to tonight’s game with Millwall, we caught up with a Millwall fan (@themaninblock11), ahead of the match. We asked him about Millwall’s good start to the season, the impact Ian Holloway has, the Reading player he secretly admires, among other topics.


1. What would you put your good league start down to?

A couple of factors. Firstly, we finished as a decent side last year. While the final league position was nerve wracking, I think we finished 8 games unbeaten and played solid football at the end – almost all of which can be linked to Holloway. The start of this season has been a continuation of that form and style of football.

However, the second contributing factor has been playing clubs in crisis. We’ve played and beaten a Leeds team being managed by a happy amateur – as if he found a golden ticket to manage the ‘Champions of Europe’ in a box of Yorkshire Tea. We played and beat Fulham at Craven Cottage as everyone does at the moment, and we played Blackpool, who were probably made to walk to save on petrol.

2. You are probably doing better than you expected at the moment – what were your expectations before the season started and have they changed at all now?

My expectations at the start of the season were to finish around midtable, and I still think that’s where we’ll end up. It’s a good start to the season, but feels more like an aberration than a trend.

3. What did you make of your recent transfer window?

Meh. What we desperately needed was a goal scorer, and no one we’ve brought in looks like a serious threat. He brought in players who can do the job and add depth, but no one who looks like they’re going to be a permanent name on the squad sheet. The signing I think we were most excited about was Lee Gregory, and he has yet to play a complete match in the Championship.

4. How good a job has Ian Holloway done since taking over? I know you had a tough spell March time, but it appears you recovered well?

He’s done a brilliant job. Not Kenny Jackett brilliant of course, but pretty outstanding nonetheless. I think it’s difficult to overstate the damage that Lomas did to the side during the first half of the season. It wasn’t a quick fix, but Holloway’s done it and there seems to be strong team unity, whereas before players couldn’t seem to wait to leave. James Henry for example voluntarily left to drop a division rather than play for us any more.

5. Which Millwall player(s) do you expect to have a big season?

David Forde. He seems increasingly confident now that he’s Ireland’s number one, and with our back four plus Holloway’s attacking instincts he’ll be regularly called upon to keep us in the match.

6. If you could take any Reading player, who would it be and why?

Pavel Pogrebnyak. We desperately need a goal scorer with some height. We’ve got pace on either wing and love to whip in a cross, but our targets aren’t tall enough to go on all the fairground rides, let alone get above tall defenders.

7. What starting XI and shape do you expect to see from Holloway on Tuesday?

I’d expect 4 at the back, a diamond midfield, and 2 up-front: Forde, Malone, Beevers, Dunne, Edwards, Abdou, Martin, Woolford, Gueye, McDonald, and (maybe, after 0 goals at Ipswich) Gregory.

8. What is your prediction for the game?

1 – 1.


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