Date: 25th October 2018 at 12:38am
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With the prominence of social media in football, it’s being more common nowadays for players to vent their frustrations on a number of different platforms. This normally occurs when players sign for a new club, and take a sly swipe at previous colleagues, more often than not their previous manager who they did not see eye to eye with. When a player does this when he is only on loan at another club though, could that spell trouble for their future?

Striker Sam Smith, currently on loan at Oxford United, didn’t quite have an outburst of his own, but instead liked the tweet of Birmingham manager Garry Monk after his side’s victory over Smith’s parent club last night. Now, you make think a simple ‘like’ is harmless. When this is the tweet, however:

Now, Sam Smith has no obvious connection to Birmingham or Garry Monk. So why would he like this tweet? A swipe¬†at the Royals? Maybe even a dig at manager Paul Clement? Needless to say, this could be taken badly by the superiors at the club and may make life a little difficult upon Smith’s return to the club.