Date: 21st June 2016 at 3:25pm
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I and a few friends made the trip to Marseille for 6 nights to have a nice break away in the sun and enjoy some football. I’ve heard many people say England have the best fans everywhere they travel and I totally agree.

After arriving on the Thursday morning I was astonished to see the amount of England fans and I don’t think the Police quite thought that England would take over the town (like they do everywhere they go).

The Thursday night was very good natured, singing outside the pub and us England fans were generally enjoying ourselves. It got to about 11pm and about 20 locals came out of nowhere looking for a riot. These locals provoked the England fans and there were then some ugly scenes fire crackers going off and bottles flying everywhere. NOT THE ENGLISH’ FAULT.

The Friday was very similar and more English were turning up and the bars just couldn’t handle it and ran out of beer. Fairly early on, the English were again having a good time and singing in the sun with a couple of beers. The police then thought it was a good idea to randomly bring their riot shields out, sparking the England fans to retaliate. The police then bought out the tear gas and the place turned into a battle field for no apparent reason. We then went to find a bar that was showing the start of the tournament. France Vs Romania. There were half English and half French watching outside in this bar and we were all singing to each other having a good time. I then went to get a drink whilst Payet scored the winner and saw outside the carnage that the French started and Police ended by tear gassing which filtered into the pub. THE ENGLISH WERE NOT TO BLAME.

It was now matchday Saturday and the port was absolutely packed full of England. We did well to find a little quite spot where it was easy and quick to get a pint and were enjoying the sun. Suddenly around about 20 locals came out of nowhere looking for trouble only to be chased by the thousands of English that were packing the streets. We then moved on to the main part of the port where all the England fans were. Suddenly out of nowhere 300 odd Russian fans filtered down the hill which sparked the biggest Riot since the 90’s. The throwing of bottles, chairs and tables went on for a good half an hour before the Police decided to get involved. Again the English were attacked and naturally retaliated. I then made my way to the ground and after the game the Russians decided to attack a stand full of families and people trying to enjoy a quiet holiday away.

We made our way to Lille on the Wednesday night and stayed till the Friday and didn’t see any trouble whatsoever. Considering England were playing local rivals Wales, doesn’t this tell you the Police, Locals in Marseille and Russians were the reasons for the violence for the three days.