Date: 16th November 2007 at 3:42pm
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It has long been suggested that one day the elite European sides could break away to form a European Super League, Dave Kitson has concerns about such a thing happening.

“My nightmare scenario will be a breakaway group from the top leagues in Europe. If that happens, it will be a disaster,” Kitson told the Reading Evening Post.

“You have the top four teams, but there just aren’t enough world-class players to go around. And with the wages being asked for, the gap will widen.

“Where does football go next for more competition and more revenue? A breakaway European Super League with top teams in Europe playing each other every week?

“I know there are a lot of people in high-up positions pushing for that but if it happens, it would be a disaster for a lot of us and personally I’d feel for football.”

In many ways it would be a really bad thing for English, and possibly European football, but in others it would stop the domination of certain teams in this country, unless the next tier then took up the mantle currently held by those that might breakaway?

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11 Replies to “Kitson Fears European Breakaway”

  • I can understand Kitson’s concerns, and see both sides of it so it would be both good and bad, but either way I cant really see it happening.

  • i hope it doesnt, i much prefer having euro cup comps but not a full blown league, it wouldntr be anygood for football, i cant even see how they’d work it to be honest. lets hope this sort of thing never happens

  • Some top prem teams are European or International anyway, they just still happen to play in the English prem because its where they originated and the money currently is, Arsenal for example.

  • I can never see it happening. There is far too much money from the premiership and we already have the basis of it with the champions League.

  • It would make a joke of each countries football leagues if such a thing happened, they may as well just forget about the other clubs if this is allowed to happen.

  • if u were a united or liverpool or one of the other teams fan that broke away how ould you feel about havin to travel to a foreign country every other week just to watch a game of ball! just dont think its all that logical!

  • isn’t the Champions League already serving that purpose? If there was to be a breakaway I’d suggest G14 would have orchestrated it by now!

  • durks de rover – it’d suit us fine mate, in my part of the world we’re awash with airports and the new terminus at St Pancras is the gateway to Europe!

  • don’t see this happening for a while…but one day maybe…the top three or four are alraedy in a league of their own and attract the main bulk of all attention and money..the rest are there in varying degrees to make up the numbers and add a bit of fun when they occasionally pull off a result of some sort……

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